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Properly written texts are particularly important in academic and professional contexts. Caring about the form means that you care about the contents.

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The first impression is usually a lasting impression..

This principle really applies to written communication. That’s one thing that makes written language so different: it is not ephemeral. That means the reader has time to look at the text in detail and to examine each and every word and every grammar element. In particular, in academic and professional contexts, mistakes in your written work are unforgivable: they convey the message that the author was careless or that he or she didn’t put in enough effort. In spite of the most modern software tools of the trade, grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes still sneak their way into the most eloquent of texts.

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Regardless of whether your text is in English or in another of the Simplefive languages, we will ensure that your publication is linguistically error-free when you submit it.The editing team at Simplefive is composed of native speakers of the language in question.That means that they will pay particular attention to all of the important linguistic nuances related to grammar, spelling, style, register and punctuation. And of course, just like in English, the flavor(u)r (sic) of the language is important. That’s why we make it a point to understand the most current literary, scientific and journalistic conventions when it comes to making the form of your written communication something of which you can be proud.

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