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German is a lot more than genders, cases and odd-sounding verbs that pop up at the end of sentences. On the one hand, there are tons of commonalities amongst German speaking peoples. On the other, there are enormous regional differences (like the difference between the Bavarian, Hessian and Saxonian cultures) that can make understanding German(s)–the language, as well as the peoples–a challenge. Simplefive can help you and your company bridge that gap.

We are native German speakers‚Äč

If you have ever traveled through the German-speaking parts of Europe, you will have seen a region that is full of very different peoples, full of diverse cultures and dialects. If you compare German to other major languages, it may seem odd to you that it has relatively few native speakers. That didn’t stop the language from spreading around the world and from developing an incredible diversity.¬†

German has traditionally been the language of famous poets, philosophers and scientists, all of whom had and continue to have an enormous, long-term influence on Western culture. In addition to the very rich cultural heritage, we shouldn’t forget that German is the language of a worldwide network of German speakers. To be successful in business throughout the German speaking pockets of the world, it is important for the subtleties of German to be understood.

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