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Freelance Language Instructor

Position Description

Our language instructors teach English courses at various companies within the city of Jena. As a Simplefive language instructor, you are integrally involved in adult education and you support small groups of employees from Jena’s top companies and/or you support private individuals with their day-to-day work-related communication improvement in a foreign language. You are capable of teaching the language levels A1 to C2. You plan the content of your courses independently, with the help of structures and materials provided by Simplefive. Your courses are generally held once or twice per week.


Anja Peters

Here's what you bring to the party

  • Hard-core teaching experience
  • Knowledge, not just of your native language, but also of foreign language(s)
  • Willingness to commute
  • The ability to work in a team, but also to be able to work independently
  • Flexibility

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