Who are we?
Simplefive is a cool, Jena-based language services company. We are looking for great interns to work in the English-German/German-English translation side of our business. We also teach English and German as a foreign language (DAF) in local companies and, when the need arises, we provide several other language services, such as editing, transcribing, interpreting, and subtitling.

Who are you?
We are looking for interns who have excellent command of both English and German and who are native speakers of either (or both). One way or another, we’ll only ask you to translate into your native language(s). Our favorite intern is someone who is curious about this funny thing called “translation”, who actually likes multi-tasking, and who is almost obsessed about languages. When we hire interns at Simplefive, we require talent and passion, not experience.

Just for the record: “home office” is the norm at Simplefive.

And since we seriously love all humans, we are an equal opportunity employer. 

Sound like your thing? Here are the specs:
Start: Anytime after March 1, 2024
Length: A minimum of 6 months.
Hours: Very flexible…perfect for students

If you are interested, let us know. Simply send us your up-to-date résumé with a very brief cover letter and we promise: you will hear back from us within a week. Here’s where you can reach us:  info@simplefive.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!
The Simplefive Team